Just Move It

Human evolution

Image from: https://image.freepik.com/free-vector/human-workers-evolution-silhouettes_72147496117.jpg

Over 2 million years, human beings evolved from early apes to early human beings, or homo sapien – our closest early ancestors. They did so by being on the move. 

In fact, it will be perilous for not moving. One could die from starvation for not moving. One could also become an easy prey for staying put at the same spot for a long time.

Through moving, our ancestors developed dynamic limbs and minds to hunt and defend efficiently, for the primal need of survival. 

Fast forward to today’s world, we do not move as much at all. We are badly spoilt by modern invention of all sorts. We stick to our car seat, bus seat and train seat, to get to our destination. We take the elevator instead of the stairs to bring us to higher grounds. At work, we are glued to our office chair, staring at the screen in front of us for hours. We are not able to put down our smart devices. We easily make an online purchase or food delivery order and stay at home where we can’t bear it to leave our comfortable sofa and bed. 

With all these, we are voluntarily restricting the mobility of our body to do what it is meant to. 

On the other hand, space-bound astronauts without the pull of gravity, have to face involuntary mobility restriction.They can hardly do much, except to float. On return to Earth, they are found to have developed physical degeneration such as muscles wasting away and bones becoming brittle. 

It takes astronauts to show us that we are taking body movements for granted. We subject ourselves willingly to the ill effects of being stationary, and invite undesirable conditions such as obesity and heart diseases.

Our body is designed to move about, and not to stay still. Movement shapes our muscles and strengthen our bones. Movement supports our body circulation and vice versa. This is important to our immune system. Movement stimulate our brains and keep us alert. 

Take baby steps to start moving now. There are so many ways to do so.

From your desk now, get up and move about. Skip the bus or your car and walk to the supermarket instead. Have regular post-dinner walks with your loved ones. Get in touch with earth (grass, sand, dirt track, etc). The earth is filled with electrons that can neutralize the harmful build-up of free radicals in our body.

To quote from Isaac Newton, the father of physics, a body in motion stays in motion. So, keep moving to stay in good form. 


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