First drink first.

Humans are creatures of habits. 

Drinking water as the first thing of the day has been my daily routine. Yet at times, my bed wins and I get helplessly pinned down in an awakened daze. This awful resistance to get up delayed my first fluid intake of the day. Not good.

I made a workaround.

Every night before bed, I will fill my water bottle as shown here, and place it next it to my bed. The next morning, I can just wake up, grab ithe bottlet and drink! It is a simple yet significant move.

During our sleep, we continue to breathe and exhale moisture out of our lungs. This explains why we feel thirsty upon waking up and must rehydrate ourselves as soon as we can.

I shall leave the discussion of daily water intake to another day.

For now, downing that water bottle has kickstarted my day. It flushs toxins out from my system to make space for the nutrients to come in through the day. I feel lighter and energized.


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