What can be your best medicine or worst poison?

Our plate of ____ ?
Our plate of ____ ? 

Image from: http://www.canstockphoto.com/poison-food-22028459.html


Each time we eat something, our internal chemistry changes. It could be for better or worse.

Our body is able to seek out what we need. When we take in so, our mind is in balance with our body. This enables our body to know when enough is enough.

Try munching on a stalk of celery or an apple. Fresh as it is, each bite into the crunchiness is a burst release of Nature’s goodness. You most likely get filled after a piece or two.

Now, recall a time when you opened a packet of potato chips or chocolate chips cookies as your movie treat.  Was it cleared out way before you know it, and you craved for more?

Pause for a moment, and now try to recall how you really feel  15mins, half an hour later, or even half a day later?

Which one makes you feel good? The apple|celery stick or the potato chips|chocolate chips cookies? If you have picked the latter pair, you could be opening yourself up to inflammation.

Inflammation is like an alarm that warns our body that it has been harmed. By default, our body’s natural healing drive kicks in immediately to do its job.

One of the ways our body heals itself is by getting the right nutrients. Sadly, many food around us are hardly right for our system. They are post-evolutionary food inventions mostly in processed, refined, and artificial forms. In short, they are not real.

Our body has no natural means to digest and shut off these unreal food. Think of it as a chamber where more and more toxins accumulate.

To share a personal experience, it was a bad bout of adult acne that drove me to relook at my lifestyle, particularly my diet. I found myself guilty of self inflicting inflammation.

I become more conscious of what goes into my system, how I feel later after eating and why.

When I take much bread, noodles, snacks, etc, I get that bloated feeling and my skin turns patchy. If I take ice cream on consecutive days, my throat gets itchy and my nose will start to run on the third day. I risk a fever if I still don’t step back.

On contrary, when I take more veggies, fruits and water, together with less starches and sugar, I feel less tired and moody. I have also easier bowel movements and the spots ony face heal faster.

I even tried a caveman diet recently. You can check out on Instagram – #50cavemandinners and #50cavemandinners2017. It was a personal challenge to stick to real foods.

Further reading up led me to discover that an imbalanced diet impacts not just our weight and looks, but also weakens our immune systems and slows down healing.

It would be unfair and unrealistic to let diet take the whole rap when our body is in trouble. Other factors also contribute to our weak system, such as an inactive lifestyle, smoking, alcoholism and not getting quality rest.

Nevertheless, the food choices that we make do lead to the outcomes that we experience ourselves. While nutrients play an important role in our optimal health and healing, many of us would agree it is tough to keep up with eating right. The good news is we can work around it our own way.

Some of us have a cheat day or two, on which we have some chocolate, some chips or a mug of ice cold beer. It gives us something to look forward while staying on track. Some of us are motivated to be more active so as to continue to enjoy the delightful treats.

While too much good (food)  may not be the best, we should also not let let our system go from bad to worse. So, as with many things in life, moderation is key. For now, let’s take charge of what we eat.


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