The rest is yet to come ?

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Do you get the jitters the night(s)before a new life chapter or a major event, so much so that you do not sleep well?  Or rather, has it become a norm to toss and turn in bed before you finally drift into your dreamland?

Losing sleep brings along a whole string of physical and mental discomfort, on top of being a health hazard.

So, how do we make ourselves fall asleep? A quick online search would easily list out hacks and recommendations. I shall leave that to you, and would just be happy to share what works for me.  They are liste below in random order.

1.      Read a story book or school notes.

This never fails. Within 10 to 15 minutes, I will be knocked out, with the book/notes still in my hand.

2.      Take a herbal tea

Usually, I take this after supper. As studies have shown, late night supper stresses out our digestive machine and makes it difficult for us to fall asleep.  Strangely, I have no problem dozing off with a snack before bed.  Taking the herbal tea is more of a combative intent to “melt” away the late caloric intrusion.

3.      Use Essential Oil

I think essential oils (EO) are a God’s send. It just hits my brain straight. My favourites are bergamot and tea tree. I simply remove the cap, swift the bottle close to my nose for a deep sniff, and that’s it.

4.      Watch a dull TV show

Too many times, I have been caught dozing off in front of the telly. My significant other has been very patient to help me turn off the colour box.

5.      Play relaxing music

This works well with the EO. The catch is, my mobile phone plays the music and I prefer to leave my phone fully charged for the next morning. For that reason, playing music usually is not my first choice.

We can not stress further, how a good night rest is important for our health and well-being. When we are well-rested, our body gets re-charged for the next day. Ladies, we are all too familiar with our “beauty sleep”.

We all have our own doze buttons. Doing what works best for us, works best before the anti-doze creeps in.

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