When rain gets between me and my run.

Just the other evening, I was all hyped to get back running again, with my gear, running app, and all. Alas, it started to rain. In no time, it escalated to a thunderstorm.
Growing up in the tropical island of Singapore, we are more or less used to heavy downpours be it during the late afternoons, early mornings or those that go on through the day.
Like many runners, I make do with light showers. However in the event of downours with lightning alert, it is best to be safe than sorry, and stay indoors. I do not have a gym membership, so I could not hop onto a threadmill. Neither do I have one at home. So here’s what I do to replace my run.
1. Stairs climbing.
Instead of changing out of my gear, I make a bee-line to the stairs. My typical workout would be climb up to the top floor, take the lift down, and repeat for a few rounds. I also grip onto the stairwell railings and use my upper body strength to propel me upwards. Working against gravity, we double our efforts at least twice with each step, and break into a good sweat as we make our climb up to the top. Stairs climbing can be another way to cross train on endurance, balance and strength.
2. Skipping.
I re-discovered skipping recently, thanks to a Christmas present that is meant for my roommate. In any case, I started skipping randomly while watching TV or with gym music on. I would skip non stop for 1 minute and catch a short rest. Then I repeat for a few times until I feel comfortable to extend the duration. Currently, I am at the 5 minute mark. Jumping barefooted on the cold hard floors is not good for our feet. By all means, leave your shoes on and skip at home, but I would prefer to jump on my yoga mat.
3. Yoga
Almost ten years ago, I took up membership at a yoga club. Having attended the class dilligently, I could quite fairly remember the sequence of common sets, such the Sun Salutation. Since leaving the club on expiry, I have been doing yoga on and off at home. Making use of the videos readily available at YouTube, I do tune in to a few channels to follow and do. Despite it being low impact, I easily break into a good sweat from the moves and poses that engages my core strength and flexibility.
4. Nap
You read that right. The key is to keep it short in the day. Studies show that mid-day eye shuts up to 30mins could help us recharge without interfering with our night rest. On one occasion, I did wake up from my siesta to see that the rain has stopped, so I went ahead to run!
What about you?
What is your plan B when rain stands between you and your run? I would love to hear from you. If you have any comments or thoughts at all, don’t hesitate to pen it down here!

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