“Missing my weekends no more”

A.S – This is a brief post of personal sharing.

I used to work towards Fridays and weekends.

Now, I work on weekends. Weekends are the time when most of my clients book their “me-time” with me.

At the beginning, I was missing the weekends. After all, I have been in the corporate world for more than a decade, and was accustomed to the Monday-thru-Friday workweek.

My current schedule still revolves around a 5 or 6-day work week, and I am starting to enjoy my mid-week rest day(s).

One of the perks of resting on a weekday is there is less crowd. I can catch up on my errands and have some “me-time” too.


Even with the convenience of online shopping, I still enjoy the experience of walking past and through the malls, shops and all. I love to stop, look, feel, try or fit, and compare. I could engage in conversations with the service staff and make small talks with people as our paths cross. The places are usually not packed as majority of the people are working.

Grocery shopping

I love to visit the supermarket on a weekday too. Besides avoiding the weekend crowd, I could also check out the latest promotions first hand.

Do you notice, our local papers typically feature full-page supermarket advertisements on Thursdays? Usually, this is also day of new arrivals and stock-ups.

Over the counter services

While still at the topic of running errands, it is also a breeze at the customer service counters on weekdays. Recently, on a Tuesday, I was at the bank for an over-the-counter transaction. It was lunch hour, but my waiting time was short and I was done in less than 20 minutes.

Gym and studio

Being able to visit the gym during off peak times is a blessing. The equipment and facilities are mostly available for use. The classes are less packed too. There are less distractions and I could maximise my time at the gym. The downside? Probably less human presence, less energy and less motivation? I don’t feel so.

Off peak movies

In this era of YouTube and Netflix, I still enjoy watching a movie on a largest screen possible. If you have gone to the cinema on a weekday afternoon, you would be familiar with the almost empty hall. Sometimes, I just seat hop, for the fun of it.

Another thing – the ticket is more wallet friendly. Here, a weekday ticket cost less than $10, and you have concessions as a senior citizens or students. On weekends though, the cost of a movie tickets could start from $12.50.

Working on weekends – the perks and nots.

I am glad to have moved on from the phase of “I miss my weekends”. Now, I find delight in helping my clients recharge themselves after a long week. Working on the weekends also exposed me to opportunities to be involved in major events, such as the recent Singapore Grand Prix.

Since events are usually on weekends, I do miss out on taking part in sports events too, especially running events. The running enthusiast in me is now more selective in race sign-ups. Social-wise, I aim to keep a fine balance between work and occasions. Thankfully, my family and friends have been supportive all this while.

What about you?

Do you work over the weekends too? How do you spend your weekday rest?

Tomorrow is Friday. Whether you are working or not, here’s to you in advance – Happy weekend ahead!

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