COVID-19 and your self care


This is an update line 2

Keep your hands clean and free from your face, eyes, nose and mouth.

Since its initial reports in late 2019, the situation has well evolved into the first quarter of year 2020 with growing numbers. Health authorities are focused on providing the immediate care and treatment for the infected, as well as containing the spread within the community.

People are also becoming more aware of how the disease is being spread and taking care to avoid activities which could potentially exposed them to the risk of infection.

This may include group work-outs, social gatherings and even self-care such as massage and facial therapy sessions.

Could we still have our me-time in light of the ongoing situation?

First and foremost, in complementary therapies such as massage, hygiene and sanitization are existing mandatory practices. These include:

  • Soaping and washing our hands before physically touching our clients
  • Putting on a face mask to limit the spread of germs and transmissible organisms
  • Maintaining a clean, neat and tidy attire and grooming overall
  • Disinfecting the equipment before and after each session – massage table, towel, trolleys, etc
  • Maintaining a clean and safe work-space to carry out our physical therapies

Many wellness and lifestyle establishments have also ramped up preventive measures which include:

  • Disinfecting common touch points
  • Making sanitizers available to both staff and patrons
  • Encouraging thorough hand washing
  • Taking temperature checks
  • Mandating travel history declaration
  • Putting up advisory notices to reinforce the message

Depending on the treatment recommended and agreed to, complementary therapy sessions typically involve physical contact between the therapist and the client for a duration from about 30 mins to sometimes 2 hours.  

Establishment do their part to strengthen preventive measures. Patrons will also need to be mindful.

The safety and well-being of patrons and staff are equally important. It is not uncommon and not wrong for establishments to impose absence for staff who has recently travelled to countries with infection cases and has close contacts of such travellers. Similarly, patrons or visitors could be turned away if they are already not feeling well and/or have a travel history with similar concern.

Whether you have a regular therapist or are trying out a new establishment, you may still have doubts and concerns. This is normal. What you could do is to give the establishment a call and ask about the measures and protocols they have in place.

Prevention is better than cure, and every one has a part in it. As much as we want to stay calm and vigilant, it is the ongoing practice of good personal hygiene and being health and socially mindful that will ultimately help us to carry on with our daily lives.

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