Appreciative feedback from clients.

* Names have been changed for client’s privacy.

“I find SC professional in her delivery of the work – punctual, organized, and ensuring my comfort throughout the massage. At first, I found filling the visit form a hassle, even though SC has explained to me its objectives. Now, I feels while filling it up, I am also getting myself to slow down before the massage. SC is probably the first or second therapist I come across to document the background beforehand – this gives me a piece of mind knowing that my concerns are acknowledged and will be addressed during the massage session.” Carrie
” Prior to SC, I have tried other home massages. Through my friend’s recommendation, I booked an home massage with SC. And have continued to do so. I always manage to fall asleep (what I want) in her sessions. Although I do take deep tissue massage, I find the pressure applied is just nice, enough for me to feel relaxed to doze off. ” Maybel
” I love the aftercare advice that SC provides at the end of the session. Sometimes, she gives me a homework (unfortunately, I have not been good in following through). I am gradually soaking in the knowledge and appreciation that the benefits of massage do not just end when the session ends. She is particular whenever she spots a concern that is best advised by a medical professional. During one appointment, I was having a black toe that took a bit too long to recover. She avoided the area, advised me to get medical attention soon.” Leon