Delivered with mid to medium pressure, this bodywork is specific to the lower limb area. It aims to minimize discomfort, release muscle tension, stimulate waste drainage whilst promoting rest and recovery.

The 20-minute session is carried out with you clothed.  Shorts are provided for your convenience, but you may use yours if you prefer to.

Please be informed:This bodywork is not driven by the no-pain-no-gain objective.

    Therapy Hours
    20-minutes leg relief massage is available on the following days:

    Saturday and Sunday
    10am to 4pm

    Each massage session tend to add upon the previous ones. A plan or regime of regular massage sessions would be optimal to both your training and well-being.

    *Please note

    1. By appointment only, subjected to availability and first come first served.
    2. Each appointment refers to 1 session per pax per day.

    By appointments only – Whatsapp 8753 5356

    50 Tagore Lane #03-01C S787494. Directions here.