Massage goes beyond the physical strokes and presses on our body muscles. Its therapeutic benefits have been widely recognized across many generations.

Massage relieves muscle tension, improves circulation, and stimulate cell regeneration. Psychologically, it provides a sense of assurance that the body is being nurtured and cared for.

We use pure cold pressed oils, packed with natural nutrients. These goodness get absorbed into your body while it is being worked on.

Delivered in a brisk and stimulating pace focusing on the upper body. A great way to turn on your power for the day ahead!
Mon TO Thu 815am to 1030am
20mins @$18
Brought to you in a soothing pace to ease out tensed muscles, boost circulation, and improve rest and relaxation.
Thu AND Fri 300pm to 600pm
Sat 930am to 1230pm
60mins @ $48
We seek your kind understanding that all appointment bookings are subjected to availability.