Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage

“Lymph” comes from the Latin word lympha, which means connected to water.  Clear and colorless, lymph contains infection-fighting white blood cells and is transported throughout the body’s lymphatic system. A well-functioning lymphatic system is critical to our body’s general good health and immunity.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (commonly known as MLD)

Founded by Dr Emil and Mrs Estrid Vodder in the early 1930s, MLD is a light rhythmic massage focusing on the lymphatic systems. In a MLD massage, gentle and mild pumping movements stimulate the lymphatic drainage which help remove excessive fluid and waste from our systems.


  • Reduce water retention – bloating, cellulite, swollen ankles.
  • Clears congestion – sinus problems, troubled skin
  • Promote post operation healing.
  • Soften skin and reduce scar tissue
  • Relieve and comfort symptoms of arthritis, migraine, insomnia.


The pressure applied in a MLD  massage is very different from that of a typical massage. It is light, slow and gentle,  with due accordance to the delicate structure of the lymphatic systems. If you are used to the medium-deep pressure and would like to try MLD, do allow yourself to relax and let the soft movements work as they should. You would enjoy the massage and its benefits better this way.