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Right from the start, we would like you to know what to expect at The Opal Room. We are different from the rest with our consultative approach which is consistent and highly integral to a meaningful care plan for you.

Your First Visit

Your first visit will take about another 20 to 30 minutes on top of your booked massage duration.

We will invite you to complete our Intake Form, before we follow up with a consultation. This is to help us understand your unique profile prior to any recommendations. We will also present you a Visit and Consent Form which record the key visit details to help keep both yourself and The Opal Room informed.

Your Subsequent Visits

We recognize that no two visits are the same. Two weeks ago, you may feel discomfort on your neck and shoulders at your first visit. Today, your tired legs after a 10km run over the weekend might need more attention. We want to capture each visit as unique as it is, with your consent as well. This allows us to plan a safe and appropriate session each time we see you.

If there is any major change in your unique profile (such as a new job, a new area of discomfort or pain), we will be glad that you help us update your profile, so that if need be, we can make appropriate adjustments in your care plan.

Make Regular Massage is a part of your wellness care

Your body can’t be more thankful for you taking the first step towards wellness care. Just as the pain and discomfort manifest over the years, it will take a while too for your body to restore itself. Regular massage is invaluable in maintaining your state of well-being. At The Opal Room, we respect the care choices you make for you and your family. We are here as your trusted ally in this continual journey of wellness care.

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